Stepper Motor

Testing systems for Stepper Motors

The Motomea Stepper Motor Testing System is a turnkey system for testing stepper motors. It can test many important characteristics, including Pull-in torque, Pull-out torque, Torque vs Angle, Holding torque, Detent torque, Angular Accuracy, Step Damping, Temperature of the stepper motor, and Stepper motor performance (Torque-Speed-Efficiency), etc. Using universally proven technology, the Motomea system allows precision bench-top measurements, supporting engineers in their efforts to continuously improve stepper motors.


The stepper motor’s driver connects to the system (input DC can be tested by a DC power analyzer), and the motor is mounted onto the loading table by a double-disk coupling. The system will give the required clock pulse to the stepper motor’s driver, to work at the required testing condition. When testing high accurate angle, the ROD angle sensor will be used on a separated dedicated test stand.       


Pull-in Torque

Pull-out Torque

Torque vs. Angle

Holding Torque (Driver with power but without pulse)

Detent Torque (Driver without power)

Stepper Damping

Angular Accuracy

The temperature of the Stepper motor

Stepper Motor Performance (Torque-Speed-Efficiency)

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