MOTOMOVA INC stands as a beacon of innovation and progress in the realm of technology. MOTOMOVA strategically owns and nurtures cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of automotive advancements, motor testing solutions, mobile application development,  and electric vehicle motor testing. With a vision firmly fixed on the future, MOTOMOVA orchestrates a symphony of innovation, fostering collaboration and synergy among its constituent companies to shape the technological landscape of tomorrow.

Motomea, formerly known as “MEA Testing Systems”, is a subsidiary of MOTOMOVA GROUP and stands as a global leader renowned for its innovation, extensive experience, and expertise in developing, manufacturing, and supplying cutting-edge testing solutions for Electric Rotating Machines. Our comprehensive range includes Testing Systems and Dynamometers, featuring flagship offerings like the Regenerative Dynamometer System (RDS) and the patented Inertial Dynamometer System (IDS). 

Catering to various applications spanning Electric Motors and Electric Vehicles (EV) with solutions for Research and Development (R&D) Labs, End of Line (EOL) testing, and Quality Assurance (QA).  Our solutions find widespread use across diverse industries such as Automotive, Mobility, Aerospace, Wind Farms, Logistics, Rail, Maritime, Utilities, Home Appliances, Manufacturing, and Official Standards Institutes.

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